aobench on Hiphop PHP

aobench output

I ported aobench from C to PHP then run it on HHVM (HipHop PHP).

Below is a benchmark result.

C(gcc -O2)1.191
Zend PHP285.01240
HHVM(JIT OFF)185.70156
HHVM(JIT ON)52.1944

My environment is Ubuntu 12.04 on Parallels(virtual machine) on Mac OSX(Because I don't have any Linux machines). So there may be a bit of overhead although C implementation score is even 1.15 sec on native Mac environment. CPU is 1.7GHz Core i5 and 1 core is assigned to Parallels.

By the way Ubuntu 12.04 is the easiest platform to try HHVM currently.

Taiju Muto 2013.3.15